The Froy Family, Past and Present

W. N. Froy and Sons Limited 1850
Founded in 1850 by William Nathaniel Froy as a builders merchant concentrating its efforts on selling fittings, sanitary appliances, baths, stoves and many other items for the home. During the Edwardian period the first designs of bathrooms products and taps as we know them today were produced.
W. N. Froy and Sons was, in its hey day, one of the largest merchants in England, with the main premises in Hammersmith still remembered by many (Brunswick Works). The company was so large that it had its own warehouses adjoining both Twyford Bathrooms and Trent Bathrooms in Stoke-on-Trent.

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N. Froy & Sons Limited 1977
Formed in 1977 by Nigel Froy, great grandson of William Froy, not as a merchant but as a bathroom wholesale distributor to meet the increasing demand to stock and distribute specialist products to the merchant trade. Helped by his wife Jean and his two sons Christopher and James, the company has grown to become one of the most respected suppliers of bathroom products to the merchants in the South East England.